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GENERAL TERMS– ONLINE STORE (www.carolinedesouza.gr)

A/ Identity of the enterprise.

The “www.carolinedesouza.gr” is an online store selling clothing products via internet. The online store actives in the field of clothing, namely repair, manufacturing and marketing all kinds of apparels. The online store operates in the internet address “www.carolinedesouza.gr”, under the terms and conditions, as they are presented below. The use of the internet store requires the unconditional acceptance of all the terms and conditions set below. If the user disagrees with some or all of the terms of use of the online store, he must refrain from the use of it, or else he declares that he has unconditionally accepted, all the terms and conditions of its use.

B/ Personal Data Protection

The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor/user of the services of www.carolinedesouza.gr is subjected to the terms of this here section, as well as to the relevant provisions of the greek law (L. 2472/1997) regarding the protection of the individual and the protection of the data of personal nature, as it is supplemented by the decisions of the Chairman of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, the Presidential Decrees 207/1998 and 79/2000 and the article 8 of L. 2819/2000) and by the European Law (Directives 95/46EC and 97/66/EC). These here terms have been formulated after the rapid evolution of technology and especially of the internet as well as the existent -although not fully advanced- network of legal regulations, regarding these matters, have been taken into consideration. In this frame, any future relevant regulation will be part of this here section. In any case the www.carolinedesouza.gr reserves the right to change the terms of personal data protection after informing the visitors/users within the existent or future legal frame. If any visitor/user does not agree with the terms of personal data protection, foreseen in this here section, he MUST NOT use the services of “www.carolinedesouza.gr”.

In particular:


I. General terms of personal data protection : This here webpage (“www.carolinedesouza.gr”) preserves the confidential character of your data and does not have the right to transfer them to any third party (physical or legal person) for any reason whatsoever with the exception of the relevant provisions of the law and strictly only to the competent authorities. The webpage (“www.carolinedesouza.gr”) reserves the files with personal data, that the visitor/user sends, exclusively for communicational, financial and tax purposes.  The visitor/user may contact the competent department in order to detect the existence of his personal file, to correct it, to change it or to delete it. Visitors/users of the webpage, who are minors, may have access to its services only with their parents or legal guardians consent and they don’t have the obligation to submit their personal data. In case of submission of such data by minors, the administrators of the webpage will delete them. It is also possible that the administrators of this webpage will edit a part of or all the data that you will have send, for purposes of statistics and improvement of the offered services – information.

Prohibited in N.2121/1993 and international Berne Convention republish, reproduce (total, partial or in summary) the paraphrase, adaptation, performance of the contents of this site in any manner or means, mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of steering            www.carolinedesouza.gr.

According to Article 10 N.2121/1993 (Items) § 1 shall be deemed as the creator of the work, the person whose name appears on the material body of the work in the manner usually used to indicate the author. The same applies if it appears if the alias leaves no doubt as to the identity of the person.

II. Orders through e-commerce : For the use of the e-commerce services of the website by the visitor/user the following data are being asked: (a) full name or name of the enterprise, (b) Address of living of a physical person or legal Residence of an enterprise (Street, number, region, city, postal code), (c) Telephone, (d) E-mail, (e) fax number, (f) Credit Card Data (type, number, CVV, expiring date). The above data is required for the identification of the visitor/user and the buyer, for the payment of the purchase, the issuing of the relevant documents (taxation) and is being reserved in its financial records. The administrators of the site www.carolinedesouza.gr may use the data, referring to the type of the purchased products via e-commerce, in order to record the buying preferences of the transactor and present him new offers, except if the visitor/user of these products asks any offers of such type not to be done. It is never possible that the data referring to the buying preferences of the visitor/user will be notified to third parties.  

III. Credit Card Data :  The visitor’s/user’s Credit Card for the payment of the ordered products on the website “www.carolinedesouza.gr’’ is charged only for a specific transaction. The credit card data could not be used for any other reason whatsoever.

IV. Cookies :  The webpage ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr” may use cookies for the identification of the visitor/user when some services or  footers of the website are being chosen ONLY if  the user activates the relevant application when submitting his data in the above websites.

V. Links (‘’Links to 3rd Party Websites’’) : The site ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr” may contain links to other websites of relevant interest and/or content, which are not controlled by it but by third parties (physical or legal persons) and are not being protected by this here website. Under no circumstances the ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr” bares any responsibility for the Terms of Personal Data Protection set by these sites.

VI. IP Addresses : The IP address through which the PC has access to Internet and following to the site diveshop.gr is being exploited exclusively for the gathering of statistical data.

VII. Moreover the user/client of the internet store is obliged :

  • Not to use the network of the internet store for the execution of actions, that could result in prosecution or filing any civil or administrative appeal against the internet store, for actions, that indicatively but not exclusively are mentioned in the Penal Code and generally are against Greek and European Legislation.
  • To abide by the at any time current regulations and terms of use.
  • To provide full and true data for the subscription, payment and delivery (which will update in case of change, in order to be always registered the current true personal data). In case any deliberate inaccuracy of the data is detected, the internet store reserves the right not to complete the registration or deactivate the account of this specific client (if it is already active). Also, if the data referring to the payment or the delivery were submitted wrong (deliberately), the ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr” may press legal charges against the client.
  • To keep secret and not to reveal to third parties the username and password. He is obliged to inform immediately for any non authorized use of his password. The www.carolinedesouza.gr bares no responsibility whatsoever for bad use or management of the client’s account by possible password loss.
  •  To confirm that he has logged out of his personal account when he does not need the webpage of the internet store any more.

C/ Limitation of Liability.

The visitor/user of the pages and services of this here webpage grants his consent to the following terms of use that are in force for all the content, the pages, the graphics, the pictures, the photographs and the files included in this here webpage. Consequently, he must read carefully these terms before visiting or using the pages and the services of this here webpage. If he does not agree, then he must not make use of the services and the content of this here webpage. The visitor/user is requested to check the content of these specific pages for potential changes. Continuing using this here webpage, even after any change, means the unconditional acceptance by the visitor/user of these terms.

D/ Rights of intellectual and industrial property.

Apart from the explicitly mentioned exceptions (intellectual rights of third parties, collaborators and bodies), all the content of the internet site ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr”, including pictures, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, offering services and all the files of this webpage in general, are intellectual property, trademarks, and service marks of the website ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr” and they are protected according to the relevant provisions of the Greek Law, The European Law and the International Conventions. Consequently, none of these can be partly or entire an object of sale, copy, modification, reproduction, republication or can be reproduced, broadcasted or distributed in any way whatsoever.

It is excluded the case of individual storage of one and only copy of a part of the content in a simple personal computer (PC) for personal and not public or commercial use, without the deletion of the indication of origin from the website ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr”, without endangering in any way the relevant rights of intellectual and industrial property. The rest of the products, placed in the web pages of this here portal and baring the trademarks of the corresponding organizations, companies, collaborating bodies, unions or publications, are their intellectual and industrial property and consequently these bodies bare the relevant responsibility.

E/ Responsibility of the visitor/user.

The visitor/user of the pages and services of the website ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr” accepts the responsibility for any damage caused to the website by bad or unfair use of the relevant services. Under no circumstances, including the case of negligence, the administrators of the website ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr” are responsible for any damage of any type, caused to the visitor/user of the pages, services, choices and contents of the website, which he uses at his own initiative and with knowledge of the terms of this here document. The administrators of the website ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr” do not guarantee that the pages, the services, the choices and the contents will be provided uninterrupted, flawless and that the mistakes will be corrected. The administrators of the website ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr” do not also guarantee that this or any other relative site or  the servers, through which these are available to you, are provided to you without ‘’viruses’’ or other harmful content. The administrators of the website diveshop.gr do not guarantee in any case the correctness, the completeness or/and the availability of the contents, pages, services, choices or their results.

F/ Links to other websites.

The administrators of the website ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr” do not examine the availability, the content, the politics of personal data protection, the quality and completeness of services of other websites, to which this webpage refer through ‘’links’’, hyperlinks or advertisement banners. Consequently if any problem occurs during the visit/use of them you must refer directly to the correspondent websites, which bare the relevant responsibility for the providing of their services. The administrators of the website diveshop.gr under no circumstance may be considered, that they endorse or accept the content or the services of other websites, to which the website refers of it is linked in any other way.

G/ Newsletters.

The newsletters, which the visitor/user of the website’s (‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr”) services receive with his subscription to the mailing lists, are intellectual property of the website and they are consequently protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek Legislation and the International Conventions. The website reserves the right to decline subscription of a person in the mailing lists or to remove it from them.


H/ E-Commerce.

This here website provides its visitors/users with e-commerce services, according to the specific terms, that it sets and ensures the protection of the personal data submitted for the use of these services. The administrators of the website www.carolinedesouza.gr are not responsible for the quality of the products acquired via the e-commerce services and the transaction binds exclusively the visitor/user and the product providing company. Consequently under no circumstances can be involved this here website or it’s administrators in any relevant litigation, that arises from this transaction. Finally the user’s signature by the receipt of the products, acquired via this website, declares that the products have been received according to the order of the client/visitor/user. In case the order has been carried out incorrectly, the costumer must not sign under no circumstances and the products will return to the residence of ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr on its charge and responsibility.

I/Applicable Law and other terms.

The above terms and conditions of use of the website ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr”, as well as any modification, change or deterioration of them are subjected to and  supplemented by the Greek Law, the Law of the European Union and the relevant International Conventions. Any provision of the above terms contrary to the Law, seizes automatically to be in force and it is removed from this here document, without affecting under no circumstances the validity of the rest of the terms. This here document is the overall agreement between the website ‘’www.carolinedesouza.gr” and the visitor/user of the pages and services and does not bind anyone else but them. No modification of the terms can be taken into account and can be part of this agreement, if it has not been in written and it has not been incorporated to it.